Kades Mode | About
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Kade’s aura, acumen, and work ethic as a Creative Consultant leaves her clients/audience enamored. Her cultured colored lens and keen branding sense makes her an ideal collaborative partner. We welcome you to experience the mode.

Kade’s aura, acumen, and work ethic as an entrepreneur leaves her clients or audience enamored. Committed to her craft she holds two degrees in Fashion Business Management and Product Development along with two certificates in Wardrobe Styling and JDA Enterprise Supply Planning. A world traveler, Kade visited Mexico, Europe, Milan, France, and Germany to further immerse herself in the fashion, entrepreneurial, and global marketing industries. Currently, she uses the tri-state area Connecticut, New York & New Jersey as her playground. Kade spent the last five years cultivating her art by moving in circles within the upper echelon. Studying under such powerhouses like Phuong My, Sue Wong, Bel Kazan, and Kelli Flournoy has sharpened her philosophy. Standing in her own light, she’s carving out a place to call her own. Her professional profile boast preeminent media platforms, digital and print ads for Vogue, Vogue Italia, Elle, Tush, Cosmopolitan, and Harper Bazaar’s Magazines out of others. Additionally, she has worked on films, TV, stage and with many personalities worthy of mention.

Her accolades are numerous to include receiving a recognition award from Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York. In great anticipation for paying it forward. She serves as a voice for the less fortunate and disenfranchised. With her winning platform as Miss Black New York USA, she educates, inspires, and encourages young  girls to “Perfect Their Voice”. Her positioning addresses health care and education, two leading issues in most inner-city communities. Extending her prowess, Kades Mode is slated to consult as the state director for the Miss Black Connecticut USA Pageant and Scholarship for the year of 2016. Kade’s worldwide experiences, exposure, and international travel is beginning to shape the perspective about black girls, pageantry, and entrepreneurship. One herself, she’s been associated with several business ventures. Where she helps her constituents bridge the gap between their brand and how it’s marketed to their ideal clients. Her cultured colored lens and keen branding sense makes her an ideal collaborative partner. We welcome you to experience the “Mode”.